Pittsburgh the government has created a unique opportunity for students with disabilities from the area of Deer Lake School. They became able to be educated with American Boy Scouts. It helps participants to learn new life skills and to be a part of different interesting activities. Moreover, operation helps them to get rid of indecision and fears.

The purpose of the program

For the first time, that area was invited to participate for free in such activity. It was organized by Scouts in Trailblazers Outreach Program. Such an amazing opportunity is given to one class per school One area includes 4 education institutions. Each participant will be given a status of Scout or Boy Scout dependent on qualification level and age affiliation. That even gives learners a chance to develop one’s qualification in common scout skills such as archery. In addition, students will be taught the options during different jobs applying and also get acknowledge in financial literacy.

The director of unique kids’ education shares her opinion: “That kind of information and skills are very useful for students’ future life. And most importantly, learn responsibility and to look after themselves.”

Twice a month participants meet with the Boy Scouts Laurel Highlands Council, Bob Zelleznick. He said that the happiness and gratitude of kids are quite visible. They are very glad to be a part of it. Students run through a modified version of the classic Scout program.

Other opportunities

Programs for special students are not yet common in America. It slowly develops. For now, in the region participate around 1,000 students according to Bob’s words.

Apart from summer camps students also can take part in Guyasuta Camp events during spring and autumn. Their kids also can try archery, field games. In the spring they go to Pinewood Derby and have the same activities. Students have an opportunity to use a wooden car which was made by other students from technical colleges.

Zellenick claims that kids love that

After finishing the program student is given an opportunity to become a participant of unique Scout Club or even got status Boy Scout. People, who are in charge of the implementation of new students into society. Professionally taught how to incorporate a person with special needs into their community.

What are the results

The growth of a program is planned by special education government. They plan to expand activity. Was said that older students mentor young ones. They helped and supported them. McGaughey said that it has been helpful for both sides. As they learn to support others. Though little ones are struggling without support, they got that with help from older students.